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Teleperformance’s Platinum Solution is an upgraded contact center that provides a premium level of service for specific needs. It combines the best processes, high caliber people, and cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of service and brand differentiation.

The Teleperformance Advantage

Our top-level service gives companies a sustainable competitive advantage through a superior touchpoint, excellent for situations that may require advanced customer segmentation, that include complex products and services, or that involve complex B2B environments.

What do we offer?

• Outstanding human approach: competence driven selection, people-centered strategy, extended training, continuous development, performance bonuses

• Superior operational excellence: Premium premises, physical security, clients branding

• Cutting edge technology applied to help people: Teleperformance tools, fraud controls, Platinum security

• Listening to customers to enhance the customer experience: dedicated experts, speech analytics, customer analytics approach

• Increase customer satisfaction and profitability per customer: differentiated offers, re-engagement, right “timing” and approach, enhanced customer loyalty

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